About thirdreichcollectables.com

I am a private collector (based in the UK) of Third Reich and National Socialist (Nazi) items. Over the course of 15 years collecting I have acquired many items. It is now time to sell on some of my spare items and with the proceeds acquire new items. The items for sale have been acquired through having to buy small groups of items usually to get one item in particular. Therefore, if I already have the other items then they are surplus to requirements and taking up much needed storage space.

I am offering a wide range of items at what I hope are realistic prices. I would be willing for you to make an offer if you think I have overpriced anything, on the basis that I will sell at that price only when I am confident that the offer made is reasonable and after a period of time of my choosing to make sure nobody else wants it at the asking price.

I would also be very happy to swap items where mutually agreeable. We can negotiate where necessary to come to a satisfactory deal.

I hope you enjoy looking at my items for sale. If you have any problems with the site let me know. If you object to Third Reich material then this is not the site for you. On the flip-side, this is not a political site. I will only respond to emails from collectors or genuinely interested parties.

The bulk of my items are bought from Germany or Austria.